Gear VR 4.0 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Samsung Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8 S8+ S6 S6 Edge S6 Edge+ S7 S7 Edge + Bluetooth Gamepad

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Gear VR 4.0 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Samsung Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8 S8+ S6 S6 Edge S6 Edge+ S7 S7 Edge + Bluetooth Gamepad



Gear VR 4.0 Main Features:

1.Larger, more flat touchpad, only need to click or sliding, accurate control can be realized
2.External USB port, it is not only the power of the VR interface, and can be inserted into the USB OTG USB memory card, you can store video, images and music, the smartphone space, can be expanded memory storage.
3.New home screen button, can return to the “my application” page directly.
4.When using gear vr, not only can easily check the voice messages or answering the telephone, through the Pass – Throngh camera Settings, do not need to remove the gear vr, can direct the outside world



Model: VR Gear4.0

VR Glasses Type: VR Glasses

Size: 207.8*122.5*98.6mm

Weight: 345g

Horizon: 101 degrees of vision

Material: toughened glass,environmental protection material

The sensor: acceleration sensor,gyro sensor,proximity sensor

Galaxy S9,S9Plus,S8, S8+, Note5, S6, S6Edge, 
S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge,   Note7 



R1 Remote Products:

1.Bluetooth4.0 version.

2.Support a variety of control modes, music, games, mouse, self-timer and so on.

3.Low power consumption, long standby.

4.Automatically determine the identification of Android and IOS system, without manual switching.

5.Function keys:Confirm key (OK), return key, mode switch key, switch key, function key switch key, multi-function remote bar.

6.USB interface:MINI USB interface, (charging interface)

7.Battery:Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can be recycled, 180 mA

8.LED status:Charging voltage 5V / 1A red LED lights, filled with red LED lights off, blue light (Bluetooth pairing and mode switching lights).

9.Total weight (pack):72g

10.Product Size:71 * 71 * 41MM


Handjoy Product Parameters:
1.Product Name:Handjoy nPRO
2.Product Size:142*83*38mm
3.Product Weight:100g
4.Charging Interface:Micro USB
5.Rated Current:40mA
6.System Support:Android/IOS/PC
7.Android Support:After 4.0
8.IOS Support:After 7.1
9.Bluetooth Version:4.0
10.Battery Capacity:500mAh
11.Charging Voltage:5.0V
12.Charging Time:2-3h
13.Standing Time:20h
14.Support Size:3.5-6.0
15.Charge Way:USB Cable


1.Following the generation of portable design, upgraded to L3, R3 with the big rocker, using the original PS4 silicone cross key, increase the game keys.
2.HandJoy nPro can use Bluetooth gamepad and wired dual mode, to improve the availability of the handle, and the HandJoy nPro gamepad support touch screen projection of the latest features, and intelligent mobile phone and further integration of VR products!
3.To use the handle, you need to download the corresponding APP program, and installed in the system. And Bluetooth pairing with the phone! After installation, you can play a lot of games, there are FC, PSP, HID, many,need to be installed and play directly.
4.The handjoy nPro gamepad use of split type design, very novel, on different phones and tablet has a very strong compatibility, whether it is Android or IOS have very good support! And can be connected to the computer through the USB line, cable / Bluetooth dual mode!
5.The operation of the game is very sensitive, no obvious interference and lag

Question:How to install handjoy game hall?
1.Login: www.hand-joy.com by your phone browser
2.Choose your phone platform(Android IOS or PC)
3.Click to download and install

Question:How to connect to bluetooth?(Android Version)
1 At the bottom of the gamepad,switch to Android
2 Open the “handjoy game hall”, and then open the gamepad icon in the upper right corner
3 Click “Settings”, and then turn on the Bluetooth, search the handjoy gamepad and connect
Notice:it’s same step to connect to bluetooth(IOS Version)

Question:How to connect to PC/laptop?
1.First of all, determine the gamepad upgrade to the latest version, and gamepad is off state
2 Press X key and switch to Android (orange light up)
3 Connect the handle with the PC by using the USB line
4 Into the Windows system   “start / device and printer view ”  if the gamepad icon indicates that the connection is successful

Question:How to solve the “iphone Distribotion:SD Solutions Comercial Limitada EPP”?
1.Open your iphone setting/General/Description file
2.Find “iphone Distribotion:SD Solutions Comercial Limitada EPP”and click it
3.Then show up “trust”and click it


WEE Product Parameters:

1.Product name:WEE 

2.Phone Size Support:3.5-6.3
3.Platform Support:IOS Android
4.IOS support:After Iphone4S and After Ipad3
                         After IOS7.1.2
5.Android Support:Smartphone/tablet after Android4.4 with Bluetooth 4.0
6.Radio Frequency:2.4GHz-2.483GHz
7.Bluetooth Version:4.0
8.Battery Capacity:300mAH
9.Charging Time:3h
10.Standing Time:80h
11.Rated Voltage:4.2V
12.Charging Voltage:5V-100mA
13.Product Size:86.5*149.7*26.2mm(shrink)
14.Product weight:120g



1.Fuselage arc curve design, suitable palm distance. Fingers can touch the screen directly across the key area and operation is so calm
2.Imported Japanese ALPS rocker, 4 times more expensive than the ordinary rocker, the cycle of life of the 100, the accuracy of up to 0.117 degrees, about 3mm remote control radius, frequently turned to the thumb more easily
3.Flydigi engineers on the thickness of only three 11mm produced a tensile structure, which makes it shrink up to a smaller space while still within 75-165mm phone size

Question:How to solve the phone off, when the phone into the game handle?(most iphone ploblem)
1.Put your cell phone in the right place, then write down the location of the power button
2.Find silicone pad (including instructions)
3.Paste the place near the power button, and then paste the lower part of the handle slot

Question:How to the Gamepad connect to smartphone bluetooth?
1.Find out Gamepad power key and turn on
2.Holding the logo button for three seconds to handle in the matching state (blue light flash)
3.Search“FEIZHI”from your phone,after pairing successfully matched, the blue light is bright.

Question:How to install the “flydigi game hall”?
1.Open the link:http://www.flydigi.com/download/(pick up the platform you need )
2.Download it from your phone
3.Install app directly
Notice:Support Android game more then IOS game

Question:How to solve the “iphone Distribotion:China Railway Signal&Communication Corporation Linited”?
1.Open your iphone setting/General/Description file
2.Find “iphone Distribotion:China Railway Signal&Communication Corporation Linited”and click it
3.Then show up “trust”and click it

Question:How to successfully match the key mapping?
1.First open the flydigi game hall / function settings / open USB debugging
2.Put the “Xiaoyou” into the phone power adapter, the red light flash(xiaoyou is kind of like black USB comes with gamepad )
3.Using usb data cable to connecte between phone and “Xiaoyou”, after the success of the connection is often bright red light
Notice: If the red light has been flashing, there may be a connection problem, please try again or restart the phone


Handjoy Package:

1*Handjoy Gamepad

1*USB Cable


1*manual(without box)


R1 Packing list:

1*R1 remote control


1*Charging cable


WEE Package:

1* Gamepad Black


1*USB Cable

2*Silicone Pad



Gear4.0 VR Package Contents:

1 * Gear4.0 VR 3D Glasses only (without retail box)   



In order to give you 100% protection of your purchasing glasses and also save tons of shipping cost for useless heavy package, we will update the shipping your package with PVC Package like the photo.




12gear Typ-c4


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