Gear VR 4.0 3D Glasses VR 3D Box for Samsung Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8 S8+ Note7 Note 5 S7 etc Smartphones with Bluetooth Controller

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Gear VR 4.0 3D Glasses VR 3D Box for Samsung Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8 S8+ Note7 Note 5 S7 etc Smartphones with Bluetooth Controller 


Gear VR 4.0


1.Larger, more flat touchpad, only need to click or sliding, accurate control can be realized.

2.Connector: External USB port, it is not only the power of the VR interface, and can be inserted into the USB OTG USB memory card, you can store video, images and music, the smartphone space, can be expanded memory storage.

3.New home screen button, can return to the “my application” page directly.

4.When using gear vr, not only can easily check the voice messages or answering the telephone, through the Pass – Throngh camera Settings, do not need to remove the gear vr, can direct the outside world



Size: 207.8*122.5*98.6mm

Weight: 345g

Horizon: 101 degrees of vision

Material: toughened glass,environmental protection material

The sensor: acceleration sensor,gyro sensor,proximity sensor

Compatible phones: Only for Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8, S8+ ,Note5, S6,   S6 Edge,  S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge, Note7 



Gear Remote Controller


1.You can use the Nine axis gyroscope somatosensory controller as a remote control to navigate your virtual reality with ease or use it as a gamepad complete with trigger to win the game.

2.The controller’s shaped to be used naturally with one hand. 



Color: Black

Weight: 150g

Size: 48.1 * 38.2 * 108.1 mm

Support: Gear R323 / Gear R324

Sensor of the Somatosensory Controller: 9-axis gyroscope


R1 Remote Controller


1.Bluetooth4.0 version.

2.Support a variety of control modes, music, games, mouse, self-timer and so on.

3.Low power consumption, long standby.

4.Automatically determine the identification of Android and IOS system, without manual switching.

5.Function keys:Confirm key (OK), return key, mode switch key, switch key, function key switch key, multi-function remote bar.

6.USB interface:MINI USB interface, (charging interface)

7.Battery:Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can be recycled, 180 mA

8.LED status:Charging voltage 5V / 1A red LED lights, filled with red LED lights off, blue light (Bluetooth pairing and mode switching lights).

9.Total weight (pack):72g

10.Product Size:71 * 71 * 41MM



1.Only Gear VR 4.0 (without retail package)

2.Only Gear VR 4.0 (with retail package)

3.Gear VR 4.0+R1 Remote Controller (remote with Battery ) (Gear VR without retail Package)

4.Gear VR 4.0+Gear Remote Controller (remote with Battery) (Gear VR without retail Package)

5.Only Gear Remote Controller (with Battery) (with retail package)
















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