2015 BMW i8 2016 Wrnty, i8,Pure Impulse,Crystal White,m4,m6,m3

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Congratulations! It’s your eBay anniversary–year 27redlinefun, We want to say thanks and let you know how much we value having you as an eBay community member. All of us at eBay wish you the very best in the year to come. Thank you! PayPal Verified: We accept PayPal payments for online deposits. Top Rating: Seller with highest buyer ratings Top Rated Member Import Specialties (779) 100% Positive feedbackConsistently receives highest buyers’ ratingsShips items quicklyConsistent highest feedback 25 Plus years of perfect sellingFully vetted by Ebay —————————————————————————————– PRICE SLASHED FROM ORIGINAL $74,700. DROP IT PRICE. March 6 2019 Lowest miles, best color, best condition on Ebayfull factory 2016 warranty in force!! If you simply cannot afford this 10K mi every option with a 2016 warranty at this price, please bother someone else. Thanks, Rob504.866.2777 All Potential buyers must call me before purchase so I can answer any and all questions before purchase, and validate your payment.I can be reached @ 504.866.2777. or 504.220.0422 Thanks for looking, Rob 504.866.2777. or 504.220.0422 A Buy it Now is Null and Void unless you contact me before buying BUYER WILL NEED WEEKS TO GET FUNDS TOGETHER, THE HOLD IS LIFTED OFF THIS CAR. i8 is 99% AS NEW. period. Even the original tires have dead on perfect tread wear with never an alignment issue. No windshield , bumper hood chips at all. no scratches.(1 mark 2″ below electric charger port about a size of a grain of sand) 1 alloy has very light curbing, Interior has one nick the size od 1/20 a grain of sand. Carpets , leather headliner must be seen. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CAR SINCE NEW, NOT A SALT,SNOW AND SAND ROTTED ,CORRODED CAR LIKE MANY FROM, PA.MN,MICH,NY,OHIO,AND ALL THE RUST. SNOW BELT AREAS. DO U REALLY WANT A HYBRID WITH SALT IN THE WIRING?? If you ck on the i8’s at the lower end they almost all came from Ohio, Mich, NY and the likeI8’s from these regions for this reason sell for 20-35% back of a dry Southern car with Southern California being top of the heap Full Everything Factory BMW 4 year/50K mile warranty till almost Feb of 2020, 6 year (75K) CA Extensive emission warranty till Feb 2022, All Hybrid,batteries motors, computers, AC converters, wiring etc till Feb 2024. Unlike almost all 2014’s are out of warranty and most 2015’s have little or no warranty left. THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION, BUT AN AD. YOU CAN PURCHASE AT ANY TIME, JUST CONTACT ME 1ST 2015 BMW i8 ROADSTER SUPERCARThe BMW i8 is an icon of progress, marking an extraordinary evolution of The Ultimate Driving Machine.® As an innovative plug-in hybrid, it uses eDrive technology to combine the efficiency of an all-electric motor and the power of a TwinPower Turbo engine for an exhilarating driving experience that’s every bit BMW. TURBOCHARGED PERFORMANCEWhen a car looks this fast, it better live up to its appearance. The BMW i8 does exactly this with its innovative electric motor that sits on the front axle and the TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder engine that drives the rear axle. When combined, they deliver a total output of 369 horsepower, 420 lb-ft of torque, and can reach 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds (estimated). THE MOST PROGRESSIVE SPORTS CAR EVERPart of reinventing the sports car is rethinking its entire architecture. For BMW i, this led to the creation of the LifeDrive architecture, a revolutionary construction designed to deliver impeccable performance and superior dynamics, all while offering near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution. Plus, lightweight materials in the construction help make this plug-in hybrid vehicle as aerodynamic and sporty as possible. Its two-part structure uses aluminum and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) for their rigidity and extreme lightness as opposed to steel. EXTRAORDINARY EFFICIENCYAs a plug-in hybrid with eDrive, the BMW i8 gets up to 76 MPGe fuel efficiency, far beyond conventional sports cars with comparable performance. And next to other plug-in hybrids, its dynamic sportiness is truly unmatched. Hi, Welcome to the i8. This 2015 model has more warranty than half of all 2016 models. Most 2015’s you see on Ebay have NO warranty or just a month or so left as the 2015 model was introduced in June of 2014, meaning they went out of warranty in June of 2018. This car has the fullfactory 50k mile and 4 year warranty until almost Feb of 2020. In addition all hybrid components, computers,converters,electric motors, batteries,etc have a EIGHT(8) Year, 100,000 mile warranty till near Feb 2024 !!!!! This a PURE IMPULSE WORLD package car that cost $10,800 for the pkg. Giga means “base” no option, Tera means a few options and cost $2,000. In addition to the many horrid colors BMW made this car(Gray and blue being the worst and no charge) This is a Individual Crystal White Pearl 3 stage paint jobthat cost $1,800. The non Pure Impulse cars have a smaller gas tank, ,fewer options, cheaper(and less) leather. Even the engine cover on the Pure is finished in leatherAlso has an ion and chemically treated windshield that weighs half as much, same as found on recent high end smart phones.lso Pure Impulse cars have swiveling LED headlights for cornering instead of fixed, A higher quality FULL(perforated,for cooling) leather wit blue stitching, Blue Seat Belts,Ceramic Controls instead of plastic on the interior,Larger 20gig music HD, Full time Internet with WiFi hot spot,Interior LED accent Light strips,larger brakes with painted sand i Logo calipers,Much nicer i Drive Door Sills,Park Distance Control, much more, $10,800 more!! Unlike the vast majority on Ebay that are from the North East or snow belt, This i8 is a Southern Californian car since new with a spotless ,as new undercarriage. What people don’t realize about Northern cars, the salted ice works into the under carriage and suspension, but worse into the wiring and computers. The 8 year hybrid warranty is voided if any signs of corrosion are found. As this considered abuse. It can also void the factory 4 year warranty. Caveat Emptor!! in addition California born cars have an extensive 6 year warranty on the gas engine, including cat, computers, fuel injection,intake , exhaust manifolds, turbo and much more. The small gas engine in this BMW is the Highest output engine for displacement of any BMW including M’s.It has direct rail fuel injection, turbo charge and inter cooled and VANOS and valvetronic…The entire hybrid drive train and carbon fiber body are entirely made in house at BMW in Germany with 99% robot building for absolute perfection. One reason they give such a generous 8 year/100,000 mile warranty on the entire hybrid drive train. There is a fantastic video showing how the hybrid,engine and carbon fiber are all made in houselook on Amazon Prime for ” How its Made: The BMW i8″ After driving her for a few days, I have come 2 some conclusions. The rear trunk is a little bigger than I had thought,but still small, but if you ever owned a 911 , you already know to throw your shopping in the back seats. The car is a very comfortable daily driver. Much more so than a M6. Even though the i8 is slightly faster, it goes about it so smoothly, that you have watch your speed. The Electric only range started at 10 on the 1st charge and now is up to 19. I assume the computer monitor your driving and adjust accordingly. Handling is spectacular. I have pushed it as hard as I can on turns and with the perfect 50/50 weight balance and very low center of gravityshe feels more like a R8 than a i8. I mean I have had everything from 911 RS to the original M1 and have never sen a car corner as flat as fuss free as this car. partially helped by its almost Testerossa width, Very low Center of Gravity and Torque Vectoring by the electric and gas motor combo in Sport!!! At 10/10ths on a track Im sure you may find a little push . But I have yet to experience it. Tires are the original set and have 4/32 all around.(8/32 new). Also weird NO i8 gets a CD/DVD player, Considered obsolete, There is a 10 gig storage on the Navigation HD, to store music loaded from USB port only. However the Pure Impulse only has Blu tooth streaming from your phone or tablet, Other models have only Bl tooth Telephone….. So I just stream all of my music from the phone which it auto synchs the music. Also internet including Pandora on the Pure Impulse.at 2/32 they should be replaced. Perfect even tread wear and no cupping. This one does have the staggered set up with the Pure Impulse package with the rear 4 sizes larger.No dings or chips, The Pure Impulse windshield is made of Guerrilla Glass like a smart phone and is extremely chip resistant.the car sits low , very much like the original NSX and actually feels very much like one, only much faster. The 1st Gen NSX were an all time favorite for me , But bought one a few years back out of nostalgia.I took it to three shops as I thought something was wrong with it. But in the early 90’s 5.6 seconds was fast, now a major disappointment. Did a crack on run against a C6 Vett, with the i8 pulling ahead. A C7 would possibly be a shade faster. point is between the Large electric motor in the front and the gas in the back it almost surreal smooth.also suprisingly peppy on electric only as it weighs 600 pounds less than a comparable Tesla. CAR HAD A FULL INSPECTION AND SERVICE A 1,000 MILES AGO —————————————————————————————–All Potential buyers must call me before purchase so I can answer any and all questions before purchase, and validate your payment.I can be reached @ 504.866.2777. or 504.220.0422 Thanks for looking, Rob All Carbon fiber Safety Cell Monocoque, Same as the multi million hybrids, Le Ferrari and McLaren P1————————————————————————InSight Condition Report Print2015 BMW i82dr CarWBY2Z2C55FV392629 10,288 miAll Wheel Drive3 Cylinder EngineA/THard TopLeather 1/134.2C4.CLE4AN8eanNo Structural Damage No Prior Paint Starts No Odor PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM BMW LLC. WHO HAS BEEN THE SOLE OWNER CLEAN 4.4 RATING——————————————————–High Value Options Bluetooth Connection Climate Control Cross-Traffic Alert Heads-Up Display Heated Front Seat(s) Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors Keyless Start Multi-Zone A/C Navigation System Power Driver Seat Power Passenger Seat Premium Sound System Rain Sensing Wipers Rear Bucket Seats Rear Parking Aid Tire Pressure Monitor ————————————————————————– Bayerische Motoren Werke : Drive system for the BMW i8 wins International Engine of the Year Award for the fourth time.Munich/Stuttgart. The plug-in hybrid drive system in the BMW i8 (BMW i8 Roadster: fuel consumption combined 2.0 l/100 km [141.2 mpg imp], electric power consumption combined 14.5 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined 46 g/km; BMW i8 Coupe: fuel consumption combined 1.8 l/100 km [156.9 mpg imp], electric power consumption combined 14.0 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined 42 g/km) has won its category in the world’s leading engine competition for the fourth year in succession.The drive system powering the BMW i8 (BMW i8 Roadster: fuel consumption combined 2.0 l/100 km [141.2 mpg imp], electric power consumption combined 14.5 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined 46 g/km; BMW i8 Coupe: fuel consumption combined 1.8 l/100 km [156.9 mpg imp], electric power consumption combined 14.0 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined 42 g/km*) has won its class – for units with 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre displacement – in the International Engine of the Year Award for the fourth time in a row.The i8’s drive solution came onto the market in 2014 and has topped its category in the prestigious competition every year since. In its first year on sale, it also earned the best new engine and overall awards. The plug-in-hybrid drive system’s latest success in the award – this is the fourth year in succession it has emerged victorious in one or more of the categories – demonstrates once again how far it remains ahead of the curve. The BMW i8 is the sports car of the future and has been the world’s highest-selling PHEV sports car ever since its market launch in 2014. The BMW i3 and i8 stand at opposite ends of the BMW Group model spectrum as an expression of what is reasonably achievable today. And now their technology is being rolled out across BMW’s core models.The recently updated BMW i8 fuses sports-car performance with the fuel consumption normally expected of small models. The three-cylinder combustion engine in the BMW i8 develops 170 kW / 231 hp and drives the rear wheels. The electric motor – whose output has been raised to 105 kW/143 hp – sources its energy from a lithium-ion battery (which can be charged from a conventional domestic power socket) and channels the power it generates to the front axle. This model-specific plug-in hybrid system developed and produced by the BMW Group enables all-electric driving with a range now increased to a maximum 55 kilometres (34 miles) in the EU test cycle. The combination of an electric motor at the front axle and combustion engine at the rear creates all-wheel drive, gluing the car to the road. The virtues of this drive configuration can be enjoyed most prominently under full acceleration and through dynamically driven corners.The more powerful of the two drive sources powers the rear wheels and teams up with the hybrid system’s electric boost to deliver the driving pleasure for which BMW is renowned, plus trailblazing efficiency. The i8 needs just 4.1 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph). Yet the combined fuel consumption of the BMW i8 Roadster as per the EU test cycle for plug-in hybrid vehicles stands at 2.0 litres per 100 kilometres (141.2 mpg imp) plus 14.5 kWh of electric energy. CO2 emissions are 46 grams per kilometre. The figures for the BMW i8 Coupe are 1.8 litres per 100 kilometres (156.9 mpg imp) and 14.0 kWh of electric energy, which means CO2 emissions of 42 grams per kilometre.This year marks the 20th edition of the International Engine of the Year Award. Over the course of the award’s history, engines developed for BMW Group brand models have notched up a total of 69 class and overall wins. An independent jury of experts identifies the best power units in a variety of categories. This year, the jury was made up of 70 automotive journalists from 31 countries. The award winners were crowned on Tuesday, 5 June 2017 at the Engine Expo fair in Stuttgart.———————–Top Gear Car of the Year = BMW i8Originally published on EV Obsession (with some picture changes).What’s the best car of 2014? According to Top Gear, it’s the BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid electric car with a slick look, great acceleration, and the ability to conveniently charge up at home. This is no small deal. Top Gear is a humungous show with a big worldwide following… and it doesn’t have a history of taking a liking to electric cars.As Chris writes over on GAS2: “What was once a humble motoring show on the BBC has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon, and today Top Gear is one of the best known automotive outlets in the world. Top Gear’s word carries a lot of weight, and the fact that they’ve dubbed the BMW i8 hybrid supercar their Car of the Year speaks volumes about how far green transportation tech has come.”The Top Gear crew called the BMW i8 a “glorious statement for an exciting and positive future.” They add: “The i8 never places its technology in the way of simple enjoyment, and, despite the complexity of that mixed-media drivetrain, it’s all so easy to use, so natural, so right. And it has flip-up doors. Nothing says excitement like a set of beetle-wing portals.”Notably, Top Gear star James May actually bought a BMW i8 for his regular commuting needs. This all comes years after the Top Gear crew pretended their Tesla ran out of battery on the test track, which resulted in a Tesla lawsuit for defamation (it was staged, but not obviously so) that Tesla eventually lost.———————- Type ValueProd. Date2015-08-17Check mileagehttp://www.auto-records.comTypeI8 (USA)SeriesI12 (I Series)Body TypeCOUPESteeringLHDEngineB38TDisplacement1.50Power170kw / 231hpDriveALLRTransmissionAutomaticColourKRISTALLWEISS PERLEFF. M. AKZENT BM (B97)UpholsteryVOLLLED.SPHERIC PERF.CARUMGRAU (SW (NGCJ)OptionsS1CAASelection Of COP Relevant VehiclesS2BQABrake Caliper Painted/Logo Pure ImpulseS2VBATire Pressure DisplayS2VCATire Repair KitS2W8ABMW LA Wheel 20 W Spoke 470S302AAlarm SystemS319AIntegrated Universal Remote ControlS322AComfort AccessS3CMAEngine Cover Leather Pure ImpulseS430AInterioroutside Mirror With Auto DipS493AStorage Compartment PackageS494ASeat Heating Driverpassenger Pure ImpulseS4AAAHeadlining Anthracite Pure ImpulseS4FGASeatbelt BMW I In Blue Pure ImpulseS508APark Distance Control PDCS563ALight PackageS5A4ALED Headlight With Expanded Content and Cornering illumination Pure ImpulseS5ASADriving AssistantS610AHeadup Display Color with Speed Sign readerS655ASatellite Tuner XM/SirriusS674AHiFi System Harman Kardon Special Surround pure ImpulseS6ACAIntelligent Emergency SOS CallS6AEATeleservicesS6AKAConnected Drive ServicesS6AMARealTime Traffic InformationS6ANAConcierge ServicesS6APARemote ServicesS6ARAInternet Pure Impulse S6NSAConvenience Phone Expanded Smartphone Pure ImpulseS7AQABattery CertificateP7XVAPure Impulse World SES8KLAOil Service Interval 15000 Km12 MonthsS8S4ADecoding Variable Light DistributionS8TNADaytime Runlights Adjusvia Light MenuS925AAll Ceramic interior Controls (pure Impulse)S9AAARemote Battery Charger Pure ImpulseStandard EquipmentS1AGAHighercapacity Fuel TankS458AElectr Front Seat AdjustmentS5DSAEmergency Release Luggage CompartmentS609ANavigation System ProfessionalS645ABMW US RadioS823AHotclimate VersionS845AAcoustic Belt WarningS853ALanguage Version EnglishS8BKACharge Socket ExportS8SMACar Ident Number Visible From OutsideS992AControl Of Numberplate Attachment——————-Enhanced HK stereo on Pure Impulse, more power, deeper base,Audio streaming fom phone/MPT on other i*’s, FULL Leather interior, not cloth, vinyl and leatherlike Mega, Tera,etc. only on Pure Impulse($10,800) 2015 BMW i8 Prices and ValuesCoupe 2D AWD I3 TurboRoughTrade-InAverageTrade-InCleanTrade-InCleanRetailBase Price$64,150$67,825$70,900$75,750Mileage (9,897)$6,825$6,825$6,825$6,825Total Base Price$70,975$74,650$77,725$82,575Options Pure Implulse World $3,800 $4,000 $5,200 $6,000————————-Pure Impulse World (Originally $10,800) -Anthracite Headliner -BMW i Blue Seat Belt -Full Perforated Leather Upholstery(Not half cloth like the base 2 models) -LED Hi/Low Headlights w/Cornering Lights -Pure Impulse Full Perforated Leather -20-Inch W-Spoke Wheels -Black Brake Calipers/BLUE I LOGOS-i Frozen blue accents and front kidney grills-Full Leather-Leather engine cover Vehicle Highlights: 1.5 Liter Turbo Inline 3 Cylinder Engine rated at 360 Horsepower/420/480 lb/feet Torque,combined with the electric motor in a 3300 pound car! 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Speed Shift BMW eDRIVE Hybrid System All Wheel Drive Head Up Display Navigation System Surround View Camera System Active Driving Assist Front & Rear Park Distance Control harman/kardon Logic7 Digital Surround System(Unlike base HK stereo in non Pure Impulse Satellite Radio Enhanced Bluetooth and Smartphone In Comfort Access Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control Powered & Heated Front Seats Tire Pressure Monitoring System Universal Garage Door Opener Electronic Stability Control Ambient Lighting Top Gear Review BMW i8Jeremy Laird July 17, 2014 Car tech 155mph and 135mpg sounds incredible, but what is BMW’s eco-supercar actually like? Super car looks and performance, supermini fuel efficiency?A near £100,000 / $150,000 supercar tuned for fuel efficiency and sporting a mere three-cylinder engine? The all new BMW i8 is surely proof that the modern obsession with emission has finally driven the car industry round the twist.As it turns out, the BMW i8 is one of the most brilliantly resolved cars we’ve driven all year – maybe even years when you consider just how complex it isIt’s a genuine revelation that pretty much implodes expectations of a hopelessly compromised, conceptually borked four-wheeled irrelevancy.OK, it’s not perfect. But much of what it wrong with the i8 comes down to rules and regs BMW has no direct control over.And we reckon the i8 hits is bang on BMW’s intention for this new class of supercar and will make its target market very happy indeed. Here’s why.If this is the future of motoring, count us inTech specsIn a word, the BMW i8 is… complicated. The basics, if you can call them that, start with a hybrid aluminium, thermoplastic and carbon fibre structure. Carbon makes up the core passenger ‘life cell’ and roof, plastics most of the body panels and aluminium the front and rear subframes plus the door skins.Then there’s the power train. First up is a three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox cranking out 231hp. Then there’s an electric motor that adds a further 131hp courtesy of a 7.1kW lithium battery position through the spine of the car.The mid-mounted petrol lump powers the rear wheels, the electric motor the fronts and unlike a lot of hybrid cars, the whole shebang is good for a simple sum of the two power sources. 362hp in other words.Factor in the modest 1,560kg kerb weight (well, it’s modest for a such a complex car) and the result is performance roughly better than BMWs outgoing M3/M4 super sports saloon / sedan. So the zero to 60mph sprint is despatched in 4.0 seconds, top speed is limited to 155mph.Oh and chassis-wise, the i8 boasts electronic, multi-mode adaptive dampersCarbon fibre abounds in the BMW i8Hybrid hotness”These are incredible numbers for any combustion car. But for a slinky supercar they’re borderline baffling”If that’s the simple bit, albeit impressive enough, here’s where things get really complicated.The i8 is good for a staggering 134.5mpg. These are incredible numbers for any combustion car. But for a slinky supercar they’re borderline baffling.For the record, BMW claims the i8 has a pure electric range of up to 23 miles and will do 75mpg maximum on batteries alone.As you’d expect from this kind of high-end hybrid, there’s all kinds of fancy energy regen going on, the details of which hinge on your chosen driving mode.There’s brake energy regeneration at both axles and the combustion engine can also charge the batteries.Three basic driving modes are available ranging from pure-electric mode through standard and Sport which an additional EcoPro mode that can be applied for added efficiency.If that’s not enough to get your head round, selecting the modes is pretty complicated. Start the car up and you’re in standard mode. Knock the gear selector left and you’re in Sport. But you need to press separate buttons on the centre console to enable pure-electric mode or EcoPro. 15mph and 135mpg in the same car is unprecedentedCabin gearAdvertisementTwo things hit you right away when you sit inside the i8. First is the light, airy futuristic overall feel of the cabin. It’s a very pleasant place to spend time, even if the super-wide sill (complete with exposed carbon weave) will be bit of a hurdle for some potential customers.You’ll also immediately register the fact that the i8 is notionally a four seater. The two rear pews are more occasional than serious long-distance seating for adults. But push the front chairs forward and four grown men is doable for short journeys.Then there’s the broader in-car gadgetry. BMW’s iDrive with ConnectedDrive multimedia is, in our opinion, as good as it gets.It’s not much changed for the i8 bar some addition features in the nav to help locate charging stations. But that’s fine by us.The on-screen menus are gorgeous thanks to the high-res 8.8-inch display and the mix of usability and functionality is bang on. There’s good smartphone integration, nav with real-time traffic data, streaming media and handy extras like Google-Send-Car. Nice.Light, airy and futuristic cabin includes semi-usable rear seatsDriving the BMW i8Flow. If there’s a single word that captures the i8’s driving experience, that’s it.The i8 isn’t the most visceral, mechanical or conventionally involving car in traditional sports car style. Instead, it has a delightful balance, a deft gait and fabulous way of flowing down a great road.It’s a beautifully tuned and resolved car, full stop, and it’s even more impressive when you consider how much stuff is going on in the background with brake regen and multiple power sources.OK, the steeringisn’t a 911. But it’s very accurate and overall the car feels natural and transparent, including the brakes, despite all the tech buzzin away underneath.Driving modes are initially a bit baffling, but EV mode works surprisingly wellOh and it’s also very quick. Our driving route for the i8 launch included some of the best roads in Scotland and the i8 verily demolished them. Faster cars exist. But we wouldn’t have travelled any faster in them.AdvertisementAs for how it sounds, insinuations that the i8 sounds like a flat-six Porsche engine at full chat are a bit of an exaggeration. The off-beat thrum (digitally enhanced through the car’s cabin speakers) certainly has character. But it’s ultimately as sophisticated and exciting as a true six-cylinder engine.The six-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifts also works very well near the best dual-clutch boxes now available.Finally, you’d be surprised just how well the i8 goes on pure electric power. 75mph might not sound that quick, but you can cover ground surprisingly quickly without dipping into combustion power.Whatever, the i8 is still an awful lot of fun on a great road while offering a surprisingly good ride when you’re not on full reheat. On the road, the i8’s flow and balance are a revelationEfficiency and emissions”Driven with even a cursory eye to efficiency and the i8 will decimate a conventional mid-engine sports car like the Audi R8″In many ways, this is the biggie. The i8 exists to dismantle conventional expectations regards high performance cars and efficiency so it’s what should make or brake the i8 as an all-round proposition.First, some bad news. Drive the i8 very hard and the result will be mpg down in the mid 25s. In our hands the average was a little over 30 mpg a full battery charge and tank (Jeremy likes to drive fast – ed).But that is an absolute worst case scenario. A brief stint of of more miserly driving towards the end of our run suggests that a real-world rate nearer 60mpg will be possible.The point that needs to be grasped is that driven with even a cursory eye to efficiency and the i8 will decimate a conventional mid-engine sports car like the Audi R8 and be compeitive with something like a diesel hatchback.AdvertisementDriven hard, it will beat a car like the R8 handily but still dip into figures that don’t look great on paper.But you get to decide. You have both options – drive carefully and get genuinely good mpg or tear it up and pay the price at the pumps.If there’s a caveat to all this, it’s that the numbers are achieved at least in part courtesy of that grid-charged lithium battery pack and so don’t take into account any emissions created via charging.That can vary from nothing if charged with renewable or nuclear sources through to significant carbon emissions from coal and gas-fired power stations. It’s a complicated subject.BMW i8: The supercar will never be the same againBMW i8: VerdictAt nearly £100,000 / over $135,000, it’s easy to compare the i8 to a conventional performance car like the Nissan GT-R and conclude it’s hopelessly off the pace. Faster cars can be had for the money.But that’s to judge it by irrelevant, outdated metrics. The BMW i8 feels like a car for another age. Suddenly other performance cars seem uncompromising, dated and anachronistic.In the i8, you feel like part of the solution, not part of the problem. It’s the thinking man’s supercar and a staggering all-round achievement.If we do have any reservations, they involve the long term reliability and viability of such a complex car. Goodness knows what a 10-year-old i8 would be like as a second hand proposition. That said, you do get the reassurance of an eight-year, 100,000 mile warranty for the battery, all electronics, and all hybrid gearThe BMW i8 is available today from £95,845 in the UK including the government grant for electric vehicles and $135,700 in the USA.———————————————————————–Caveats: 1 scuff on bottom lower edge spoiler(underneath), 1 scuff at bottom of side sills about 1/2″ that were previously touched up, Original OEM tires with all matching EVEN tread wear of 4/32No paint lines, or signs of repair. Body/Interior or as AS NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This car was a manufacturer reacquired car from California, This is to promote customer goodwill in this case: the engine charcoal canister(which scrubs minute crankcase emissions leakage from the valve cover and its valve were changed and the battery charged. The clogged charcoal canister caused a check engine light.Engine was perfect. This is a $24 CA piece of emissions gear.You will sign the BMW disclosure to this with ALL buyback language gone as she is now in New Orleans.This is a simple 1 hour repair that would be a warranty item any where else except for CA. Since the i8 is now in New Orleans, BMW has issued a revised title disclosure on which all buyback or negative mention are REMOVED. As this law is a CA law only. Warranty, insurance, financing are unaffected in any way. Full MID 2016 warranty on this car from BMW. Plus 8 year Hybrid warranty, batteries, computers, cables, electric drive motor,voltage converters,everything involved with the hybrid portion etc until mid 2024 However be very careful of National brands as Salvage,Rebuilt,Re-manufactures,Totaled, Frame,Water Damage.And especially salt rotted wiring from Northern cars!! These cars were totaled by an insurance company, and have no warranty and can not be insured except at salvage value.Noth eastern cars nmay have voided warranties(all) due to salt damage on the wiring.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FULL factory 4 year/50,000 mile warranty until early 2020, All emissions items on CA born cars, covers Turbo, Manifolds, Catalytic converter,All emissions related hardware computers, fuel injection, valve trainand much more till early 2022/85,000. ALL hybrid components, electric drive motor, engine generator, wiring, computers,voltage converters, battery pack, etc etc until early 2024/100,000 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the engine cover is in full Nappa leather on the Pure Impulse —————————————————————- The BMW i8 is the ultimate driving experimentDon’t you dare compare this to the M1. Road & Track BMW’s i8 is both a car and a preview of the marque’s future. This is fitting, because everyone who sees the i8 assumes it is, in fact, from the future. But before we deconstruct how the car is built and its singular driving manners, it’s only right that we celebrate BMW’s sheer chutzpah in building a production machine so faithful to the company’s beautiful 2009 Vision EfficientDynamics concept. When was the last time a production car looked so much like it had escaped from an auto show stand?Everyone who sees the i8 assumes it is, in fact, from the futureMaybe that wasn’t a brave decision, merely ambitious. The styling, after all, was right, and by 2010 the light was green to build a plug-in hybrid sports car with a carbon-fiber-intensive chassis housing two electric motors, a tiny internal-combustion engine, and a performance package encompassing zero-emissions cruising and supercar-pace canyon attacks. All this from a company that, until recently, backed hydrogen fuel cells as the new automotive dawn. It was a massive undertaking.Some have compared the i8 to BMW’s last mid-engine sports car, the M1 of the late Seventies. This is rubbish. The M1 was homologated simply so BMW could go road racing in the FIA’s Group 5, but the i8 exists to change minds and win hearts. And while the car looks like a max-attack performance machine, Munich has made it clear that this is no record breaker. The i8’s mission is to shape an entirely new idea: the driving engagement of a Porsche 911 on half the fuel.It’s a bold goal, and BMW has essentially bet the farm that the car and its variants will be the future’s ultimate driving machine. The least I could do was fly to Los Angeles to see if they were right. The second thing you notice when you see the i8 is that you’ve stopped breathing, because the first thing you notice is that it is gorgeous. BMW wisely styled the i8 to reflect the car’s unconventional construction. There’s a general perception that the i8 uses a carbon-fiber tub, but that’s incorrect; the safety cell for the occupants is indeed carbon, but the lower chassis and the backbone onto which the suspension and powertrain are attached are aluminum. Shown naked, the rolling chassis is immensely impressive, and you get an immediate sense of just how low the center of gravity is.The main hardware is strewn throughout the car. The lithium-ion batteries, which store 7.1 kWh of energy, run through the center tunnel. A three-cylinder gas engine sits behind the small rear seats. By sports-car standards, the engine is laughably small, just 1.5 liters. But it’s turbocharged to produce 228 hp, more horses per liter than a 911 Turbo S. The engine drives the rear wheels through a conventional six-speed automatic gearbox and also spins a generator to charge the batteries when needed. A 129-hp electric motor rests in the nose and channels drive torque to the front wheels via a two-speed gearbox.As is the modern-hybrid way, the i8 has more preprogrammed personalities than an international Bible salesman. There are three main driving modes: full electric, hybrid, and Sport. With fully charged batteries, the electric mode can silently propel the car up to a claimed 23 miles at speeds as high as 75 mph. The hybrid offers a few different drive programs, but Sport mode is the one you care about., depending on usage. When you select the hybrid strategy, the default mode is electric. The gas engine rouses to life if the driver demands extra thrust via the throttle pedal or if battery charge falls below 25 percent. When the latter occurs, the i8 switches to a Hold State of Charge mode that keeps the three-cylinder thrumming in the distance, to keep the batteries’ charge constant—even while stopped.It sounds like a lot of stuff, doesn’t it? Our test car weighed 3380 pounds, which is relatively light—less than the current BMW M3, more than a Porsche Boxster—yet doesn’t yell bantamweight. But in the context of everything under the car’s skin, it seems a mighty achievement.But Sport mode is the one you care about. Isn’t it always? Here, we enjoy the full benefit of the turbocharged three-cylinder and its 236 lb-ft of torque. It’s also boosted by the instant torque delivery of that electric motor (184 lb-ft), channeled to the front wheels, so the i8 has the ability to deploy torque in a way that not only affects velocity but also handling balance. More on that later. In Sport, the battery is kept at a higher state of charge and is more aggressively replenished under braking. While BMW has carefully downplayed expectations with this car—the company line during development was always that the i8 would be “quick enough”—in reality, it’s a rocket: 0–60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. And while acceleration falls off significantly at very high speed, the car can still tickle its 155-mph limiter. EPA fuel-economy figures are not yet available, but based on my drive, 40 mpg should be no problem. Welcome to the brave new world of fast hybrids.So much of the i8’s appeal comes from the fact that the experience of the car is something entirely foreign to most drivers; Chevrolet Volt owners won’t bat an eyelash at the silent getaway, but they might once the i8 is strolling along in Sport mode.Personally, I love the i8’s silent, low-speed theater. This, more than any other aspect of the experience, may be what persuades people to try something new. Much of our motoring life is spent at a dawdle, so why not enjoy the glowing smiles of other people in traffic, or the undeniable heart-rate reduction that comes with electric-only propulsion? You instinctively feel less aggressive, less hassled, and more tolerant of others. Don’t ask me how this is possible, but between the absence of noise in situations where noise doesn’t add to the experience and an interior that feels like chill-out music made tangible, I felt the presence of a calm, young Skywalker.When was the last time a production car looked so much like it had escaped from an auto show stand?Beyond the striking origami styling and the impressive 0.26 drag coefficient, the i8 is really a vast and ambitious exercise in calibration. Clever people with computers were charged with taking the sort of components widely regarded as the natural enemy of sporty driving and fashioning them into something both intuitive and enjoyable.And at around-town speeds there is much to enjoy: instant electric torque for nipping into gaps, ghostly serenity. There are also less edifying traits. In full-electric and Comfort modes, the i8 creeps insistently against the brake pedal. The idiosyncratic pedal modulation—lift your foot gingerly, let the car roll, then apply throttle—takes a little time to learn, Likewise, ride comfort in town is better than expected for such a dports car. At first, I wondered if the silence was forcing my ears to seek out new noises for punishment, but no. The car is very firm. Dynamic dampers vary their responses with the driving mode you select, No matter for this first meeting, though. I was too busy feeling like a superhero and playing with dashboard toys, of which there are many. The cabin is a beautiful amalgam of familiar BMW bits and sci-fi displays. The main dash screen looks fantastic, but I struggled to read it, especially when it changed to orange in Sport mode. (Sadly, that’s also the only mode that shows a tachometer.) But for showing off to your mates and feeling like you’re driving something extraordinary, it’s a great cabin. Standard sports-coupe caveat: The rear seats are for tiny kids, or more likely, holding a bag. The trunk is small. Fortunately there is plenty of storage in the rear seats. I climbed away from the coast, the little three-cylinder booming into the cabin with the help of acoustic witchcraft. It really wants to rev, zinging easily beyond 4000 rpm. If you use the paddles, the transmission holds gears beyond 6000. But above all, it’s the relationship between the electric torque and the gasoline power that defines the experience. There’s significant torque-fill at low rpm, with the motors stepping in to help out while the turbo spools, and this catapults the car out of slow turns so well that a Subaru STI and 2015 M4 was repeatedly left wheezing behind me. In terms of cross-country pace, the i8 is massively fast.Onto some canyon roads, I pulled the gear lever left into Sport mode, pushed the throttle a little further, and the car responded. It doesn’t so much accelerate as place itself farther down the road. However often I drive cars with electric motors, I’m always a little stunned the first time the torque deploys. It’s just so effective.If the engineers were tasked with fashioning an analog driving experience from various digital components, they’ve done a fine job. But it’s clear they also let their imaginations run a little—as well they should have, given this car’s potentially pivotal role in the story of the sports car—to introduce some new characteristics. I’ve already mentioned the first: unfettered speed. In Sport mode, the i8’s combination of torque, traction, and agility are astounding. At one point during this test, an interested observer asked me what it was like to drive. My instinctive response was “fast.” That’s telling—we drive a lot of quick things in this line of work, and very few of them leave you gibbering about speed!Switch to paddle shifts, though, and you can play more. For starters, whatever gear your head tells you is optimal because of the tachometer reading, try one higher, and you’ll almost certainly go faster. It’s freakish. Initially, you think second-gear hairpins are just that. But then you try third, the dash indicator impishly flashes “Boost,” and electricity takes hold. Third is the new second. The i8’s combination of torque, traction, and agility are astounding.The other main point of celebration is the relationship between grunt and right-foot action. You’ll need to hear me out here, because this is where the i8 becomes complicated. It doesn’t take long to realize that, for people like you and me, managing the arrival of torque is the i8’s hub. Leave the transmission in automatic, and the six-speed does a decent job juggling those different power sources, occasionally performing a slow downshift but mostly blipping the perfect blip and leaving the driver time to find the line.If electricity’s influence in such conditions is unquestionably positive, the benefits are less clear in faster, more open turns. I found myself anticipating apexes, much like you would in an old-school turbo car, because at higher speed, there’s less power available up front to mask the combustion engine’s inherently slower response. And because the electric boost is delivered through the front axle, the continually varying ratio of front (electron) torque to rear (engine) grunt means chassis behavior also varies continually. When torque arrives up front, the car becomes four-wheel drive and the chassis goes neutral. Switch traction control off (which you should, because it’s a little intrusive) and the rear axle will initially make pleasing suggestions. But use the electric torque, and the car just bolts forward, neutral, like a Nissan GT-R.Of course, the opposite is true if you stay in a lower gear—where there’s more fossil power available to the rear wheels—and avoid using the electric boost. Then you can rev the little motor higher, enjoy the sound, and relish the fact that the car feels more rear-drive, because it is. This is a machine whose chassis behavior varies according to the driver’s gear selection and torque demands. It remains to be seen if BMW wanted the car to feel like that, but it sure makes things interesting.Use the electric torque, and the car just bolts forward, neutral, like a Nissan GT-RI’ve mentioned the dynamic dampers that alter their response according to the drive mode. Curiously, although I found the ride too firm in town, it felt significantly better on faster roads. Vertical movements are well contained at sociable speeds, and there’s little body roll. I suspect that things grow more ragged beyond nine-tenths, but without the luxury of track time in this evaluation, that theory will have to remain untested. And given the car’s purpose, a test like that probably isn’t relevant.Wait—or is it? Because this car is undeniably fast but not a standard sports car; because BMW has decided the i8 is the brand’s first step down a new performance path and has fully committed itself to that pursuit; because the car almost contemptuously refuses to tick the high- cylinder-count and massive-horsepower boxes … because of all this, a single drive leaves you with questions. You contradict yourself. And you realize that, over the next few decades as the industry changes, questions will continue to arise.Or maybe it is. Once I had time to digest some of the i8’s startling behavior, it dawned on me that this car needs to be judged not only on its precocious cleverness, but also in the context of basic recreational driving. BMW’s smaller i3 city car has it easier; that machine’s rivals speak a language of efficiency, so it simply has to out-efficient them, then more crucially, out-showroom them. But the i8 has to persuade the 911 owner that he wants to drive the car the way he drives his Porsche.By the numbers, the innovative, brilliant i8 is as quick, fast, and grippy as any equivalent Porsche. And it comes with its own dynamics, mostly entertaining but also markedly different. Of course, back roads constitute a small part of the sports car’s life. For cruising, posing, sipping fuel with unparalleled parsimony, and—this is the strange one—simply going crazy fast, the i8 is a triumph. If nothing else, it represents a relocation of the core expectation for this type of car. BMW’s work here isn’t perfect, but if you consider the effort and the technology the i8 embodies, the ideas it forces you to reconsider, and the smile it puts on your face, there’s only one conclusion: This is a remarkable achievement.———————————————————————- Your AutoCheck Vehicle History ReportReport run: 01/15/2019 13:26:24 EST2015 BMW i8Coupe 2D (1.5L I3 DI)VIN:WBY2Z2C55FV392629Class:Alt Power – Hybrid CarCountry of Assembly:Germany——————-Owner historyCurrent OwnerPurchased: 2016Where: CAOwned from: 02/01/2016 – Present2 year(s) 11 month(s) ———————–Damage checkYour Vehicle Checks Out: AutoCheck has not received a damage-related event from an auction or an independent source. Not all damage events are reported to AutoCheck. It is recommended to have pre-owned vehicles inspected by a third party prior to purchase.0 Problem(s) ReportedOther Problem Areas CheckedNo non-title fire damaged recordNo non-title hail or flood damaged recordNo auction junk or scrapped recordNo auction rebuilt or rebuildable recordNo salvage auction recordNo damaged or major damage incident recordNo frame or structural damage recordNo recycling facility recordNo crash test recordOther title brand and specific event check Information Reported: One lien was found in this history.1 Event(s) ReportedVehicle Events Checked No Insurance Loss record No Titled to an insurance company record No Auction Lemon/Manufacturer Buyback record No abandoned title record No grey market title record Loan/Lien record(s) No repossessed record No corrected title record No duplicate title record No theft record(s)Odometer checkYour Vehicle Checks Out: No odometer brands, rollbacks, rollover or tampering has been reported to AutoCheck from state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or auction sources. AutoCheck also examined the sequence of reported odometer readings to determine if there are any potential discrepancies.State title odometer checkAuction odometer checkOdometer calculation check0 Problem(s) ReportedMileageDate Reported6101/11/201639001/25/201639702/16/20163,94207/06/20174,16607/12/20178,88404/16/20189,88406/06/201810,28708/07/201810,28810/12/2018Open recall checkYour Vehicle Checks Out: AutoCheck found no open recalls reported by the vehicle manufacturer. Not all open recalls are reported to AutoCheck.Service and repair history checkInformation Reported: There have been some service and repair information reported from dealers or service shops.Date of ServiceLocationSourceService Type01/25/2016CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306COOLING SYSTEM SERVICEDBATTERY SERVICED OR REPLACEDMULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONENGINE SERVICEDELECTRICAL SYSTEM SERVICEDTIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMEDBODY SERVICE PERFORMED02/16/2016CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306VEHICLE SERVICED07/06/2017CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306AIR FILTER CHANGEDMULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTION07/06/2017CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306TIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMED07/06/2017CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306LUBE, OIL AND/OR FILTER CHANGEDBODY SERVICE PERFORMED07/12/2017CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306MULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONBODY SERVICE PERFORMED04/16/2018CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306BATTERY SERVICED OR REPLACEDMULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONENGINE SERVICEDBRAKES SERVICEDTIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMED06/06/2018CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306MULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONSTARTING OR CHARGING SYSTEM SERVICE PERFORMED06/06/2018CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306TIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMED06/06/2018CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306LUBE, OIL AND/OR FILTER CHANGEDDetailed Vehicle HistoryBelow are the historical events for this vehicle listed in chronological order. Any discrepancies will be in bold text.Report Run Date: 01/15/2019 13:26:24 ESTVehicle: 2015 BMW i8 (WBY2Z2C55FV392629)Event DateLocationOdometer ReadingData SourceDetails01/11/2016CA61Motor Vehicle Dept.ODOMETER READING FROM DMV 01/25/2016TORRANCE, CA390South Bay BMW 310.939.7306COOLING SYSTEM SERVICEDBATTERY SERVICED OR REPLACEDMULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONENGINE SERVICEDELECTRICAL SYSTEM SERVICEDTIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMEDBODY SERVICE PERFORMED 02/01/2016CAMotor Vehicle Dept.TITLE(Leased Vehicle)(Lien Reported)REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL(Leased Vehicle) 02/16/2016TORRANCE, CA397South Bay BMW 310.939.7306VEHICLE SERVICED 12/15/2016CAState Agency Accident Reported (1)No Air Bag Deployed07/06/2017TORRANCE, CA3,942South Bay BMW 310.939.7306AIR FILTER CHANGEDMULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTION 07/06/2017TORRANCE, CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306TIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMED 07/06/2017TORRANCE, CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306LUBE, OIL AND/OR FILTER CHANGEDBODY SERVICE PERFORMED 07/12/2017TORRANCE, CA4,166South Bay BMW 310.939.7306MULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONBODY SERVICE PERFORMED 04/16/2018TORRANCE, CA8,884South Bay BMW 310.939.7306BATTERY SERVICED OR REPLACEDMULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONENGINE SERVICEDBRAKES SERVICEDTIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMED 06/06/2018TORRANCE, CA9,884South Bay BMW 310.939.7306MULTIPLE POINT VEHICLE INSPECTIONSTARTING OR CHARGING SYSTEM SERVICE PERFORMED 06/06/2018TORRANCE, CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306TIRES OR WHEELS SERVICE PERFORMED 06/06/2018TORRANCE, CASouth Bay BMW 310.939.7306LUBE, OIL AND/OR FILTER CHANGED 08/07/2018CA10,287Motor Vehicle Dept.ODOMETER READING FROM DMV 09/12/2018CAMotor Vehicle Dept.TITLEREGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL ———————-1 Problem(s) ReportedMajor State Title Areas CheckedNo fire brandNo hail, flood brandNo junk or scrapped brandNo manufacturer buyback Manufacturer Reacquired to promote good willNo salvage brandNo rebuilt or rebuildable brandNo odometer brand (EML or NAM ——————- ——————- ——— Vehicle History Report for 2015 BMW i8 Vehicle Identification NumberSummary 2015 BMW I8WBY2Z2C55FV392629 Make: BMW Model: i8Doors: 2 Style / Body: Coupe (2-Door)Engine: 1.5L L3 HYBRID Vehicle Age: 2 Years 8 MonthsVehicle Specifications2015 BMW I8SEE FULL DETAILSJunk & SalvageNo junk or salvage records found!SEE FULL DETAILSInsurance InfoNo total loss & insurance records found!SEE FULL DETAILSPrevious Vehicle UsesNo previous uses found!SEE FULL DETAILSTitle Information & Problems1 Records found!SEE FULL DETAILSOdometer2 Records found!SEE FULL DETAILSSales Records2 Records found!SEE FULL DETAILSAccident RecordsNo accident records found!SEE FULL DETAILSTheft RecordsNo theft records found!DateSellerDetails1/6/2016New Century BMWAlhambra, CA 91801Listed for saleListing Price: $151,095Vehicle Mileage: 6 milesVehicle Color: Crystal White9/30/2015New Century BMWAlhambra, CA 91801Listed for saleListing Price: $151,095Vehicle Mileage: 6 milesVehicle Color: Crystal WhiteDate ReportedTypeMileageStateProblems Reported9/12/2018Current10,287CANo problems found7/17/2018Historical61CANo problems found2/1/2016Historical61CANo problems foundTitle Info & ProblemsThe following section list our checks for 60+ possible problems related to the title of this vehicle. VINCheckPro keeps a history of brands that have been applied to the vehicle by any state. Problem TypeDiagnosisClearNo brand records found!Flood damageNo brand records found!Fire damageNo brand records found!Hail damageNo brand records found!Salt water damageNo brand records found!VandalismNo brand records found!KitNo brand records found!DismantledNo brand records found!JunkNo brand records found!RebuiltNo brand records found!ReconstructedNo brand records found!SalvageNo brand records found!Test VehicleNo brand records found!RefurbishedNo brand records found!CollisionNo brand records found!ReservedNo brand records found!Salvage RetentionNo brand records found!Prior TaxiNo brand records found!Prior PoliceNo brand records found!Original TaxiNo brand records found!Original PoliceNo brand records found!RemanufacturedNo brand records found!Gray MarketNo brand records found!Warranty ReturnNo brand records found!AntiqueNo brand records found!ClassicNo brand records found!Agricultural VehicleNo brand records found!Logging VehicleNo brand records found!Street Rod No brand records found!Vehicle Contains Reissued VIN No brand records found!Replica No brand records found!Totaled No brand records found!Owner Retained No brand records found!Bond Posted No brand records found!Memorandum Copy No brand records found!Parts Only No brand records found!Recovered Theft No brand records found!Undisclosed Lien No brand records found!Prior Owner Retained No brand records found!Vehicle Nonconformity Uncorrected No brand records found!Vehicle Nonconformity Corrected No brand records found!Vehicle Safety Defect Uncorrected No brand records found!Vehicle Safety Defect Corrected No brand records found!VIN replaced by a new state assigned VINNo brand records found!Gray MarketNo brand records found!Gray MarketNo brand records found!Manufacturer Buy BackBMW of North America, LLCDate: 9/12/2018 Vehicle reacquired by the manufacturer pursuant to applicable state consumer warranty laws to promote customer satisfaction. Former RentalNo brand records found!Salvage–Stolen No brand records found!Salvage–Reasons Other Than Damage or StolenNo brand records found!Disclosed Damage No brand records found!Prior Non-Repairable / Repaired No brand records found!CrushedNo brand records found!Actual No brand records found!Not Actual No brand records found!Not Actual No brand records found!Exempt from Odometer Disclosure No brand records found!Exceeds Mechanical Limits No brand records found!Odometer may be Altered No brand records found!Odometer ReplacedNo brand records found!Reading at Time of Renewal No brand records found!Odometer Discrepancy No brand records found!Call Title Division No brand records found!Rectify Previous Exceeds Mechanical Limits Brand No brand records found!Pending Junk Automobile CARS.gov No brand records found!Junk Automobile CARS.gov No brand records found! ———————————————————-EVEN THOUGH THIS CHECK SHOWS NO ACCIDENT, THE AUTOCHECK SHOWS 1 ACCIDENT, WHEN CAR WAS 6 MONTHS OLD, NO TOWING,Airbag,disabled OR injuries NOTES.CONTACTED BMW REP AND RAN AGAINST BMW DATABASE AND THEY HAVE ZERO INFORMATION ABOUT ANY REPAIR OR PARTS ORDERED FOR DAMAGE. BODY AND PAINT ARE FACTORY PERFECT!! ORIGINAL TIRES WITH PERFECT TREAD WEARTHE CAR HAD A FULL MULTI POINT INSPECTION AND FLUID SERVICE IN SEPT 2018, ZERO PROBLEMS FOUND ————————————————————————–Congratulations! It’s your eBay anniversary–year 27redlinefun, We want to say thanks and let you know how much we value having you as an eBay community member. All of us at eBay wish you the very best in the year to come. Thank you! PayPal Verified: We accept PayPal payments for online deposits. Top Rated Member Top Rating: Seller with highest buyer ratingsImport Specialties (779) 100% Positive feedbackConsistently receives highest buyers’ ratingsShips items quicklyConsistent highest feedback 25 Plus years of perfect sellingFully vetted by E Bay

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