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DISCOUNTED MULTIPLE MODULE LISTINGS AVAILABLE IN MY OTHER ITEMS!!!FAST FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING!!! One item is ONE original second generation 04-09 Toyota Prius battery cell/module NOT an entire pack. TESTED AND GUARANTEED! 7.4V-8V Any cells below average voltage for the pack are recycled, NEVER recharged and resold which is unlike the majority of other sellers. I just need to answer a couple concerns I’ve had from buyers that aren’t very familiar with how these batteries function… These like all others sold are NOT going to be the exact same voltage as the modules in your pack. Your modules are constantly being charged every time your car is started and driven. Most often the replacement modules will charge and match the voltage of your other modules within 20 miles but may take up to 200 depending on your specific vehicle and driving habits. Frequently even as being tested in your vehicle or just removed from your vehicle yours will be approximately 7.8v, that is ONLY because your vehicle is constantly charging them. Once the battery sits and is not charged for more than a week voltage Frequently stays right around 7.5v which is totally normal. I thoroughly test these batteries and any module that is below 7v I do not resell period, no exceptions. I know the majority of other sellers will charge it up well over 8v and send it out giving it a false reading and Frequently damaging the module. GUARANTEED IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION! EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING – depending on what time item is purchased I Most often ship out same day, if not that day I at all times ship within 24 hours. USPS Priority Mail FREE – est. 1-4 business days delivery, depending on location. No local pick up is to be had, all items will be shipped. We will only ship to the address entered by the buyer all over checkout. Good to replace your bad 2nd gen 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 battery modules! The price is for one module/cell only, not an entire battery pack. Best offer to be had for LARGE bulk purchases, offers on a low quantity will be declined. PLEASE LOOK AT MY OTHER LISTINGS, I have several other Prius related parts along side other parts for the hybrid batteries. ALSO DISCOUNTED MULTIPLE MODULE LISTINGS AVAILABLE IN MY OTHER ITEMS!!!

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