River Island Womens Bodysuit One Piece UK 8 US 4 Black Sleeveless

$14.25 (as of September 26, 2020, 1:27 pm)


Thanks for stopping by! All information such as flaws and measurements are solely included in the PHOTO SECTION. Other store guidance or unique information will be added below: ****LIGHTING KIT MAY DISTORT TRUE COLOR WHEN ON MANNEQUIN. Color may show BRIGHTER/LIGHTER than actual garment. Please note the tag photo(s) for truer sense of the color, in that instance. …………………………………………………………. Information pertaining to every photo: Picture #1: Best representation of garment. Picture #2: Personal measurements, quality grading, and discrepancies or flaws (please let me know if other measurements are needed). Last photo #’s: They show visible proof of sizing and material content. Please see them for verification. Any additional questions left unanswered, please feel free to ask! Disclaimer: The grade given (1-10) is based on my personal review, and NOT some scientific grade. I think about the age, dinginess, and discrepancies and their impact on the quality of the wear. Rating system goes as follows: 1-Poor-many flaws, very visible when worn (2-3)Poor/Average- one large flaw or more than one small flaws, and are noticeable when worn. (4-5)Average-A small flaw or a whole lot of wear and pilling, but doesn’t impact the way it looks when worn too much. (6-7)Good-Nothing major, but is also discolored or pilling in spots, or stained on an underside, or a combo of 2-3 small issues. Doesn’t impact quality of the wear, or issues are minor/barely visible. (8)Great/Good- one small flaw, hard to notice and rest of garment is in like new condition. (9)Great-Can’t find any flaws, and looks great. Like-new condition, but was once used prior. (10)Pristine-No question it is new, or like new, and is with original retail tags! My store is 1-business day processing, and has an included 60 day return policy. Smoke free home. Please note, international shipping to be had the use of GSP option ONLY. Thank you for your interest! #34

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