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  • DESIGN MEETS PERFORMANCE | Made from the most breathable material this jersey sports a dynamic print making this the ideal performance rugby shirt. Made of 100% polyester in a cream and black design, this jersey goes great in the day, night, down at the pub, or on the field.
    STYLE FIRST | There’s almost nothing more Guinness than the Signature Performance Rugby Jersey with the one-and-only Arthur Guinness signature embroidered on the front. This jersey also sports the original 1759 screen printed on the back giving it a vintage and original look.
    CARE INSTRUCTION | Because we care about our products we make caring for them easy. Simply machine wash in cold water with like colors and tumble dry on low. No need to dry clean or spend a lot of money on maintenance.

  • STYLE FIRST | Of all the well-known products that Guinness manufactures the Heritage rugby jersey is one of the easiest to recognize as purely Guinness. With the diamond patterned shoulder cowl and white collar for contrast in that special way Guinness has always embraced.
    DESIGN & PERFORMANCE | Made of 100% cotton, this long-sleeved heritage rugby jersey has a sturdy diamond pattern shoulder cowl that sets this jersey apart from imitators. At the bottom of the collar opening is a small leather patch with the Guinness name stamped in the leather to help this jersey stand out. On the back, just below the collar are the embroidered words “Dublin 1759 Ireland” bringing that special touch associated with the famous Guinness brand.
    CARE AND MAINTENANCE | Guinness cares about their apparel and so they make it easy to take care of. Simply machine wash, cold water, with like colors. There is no need to dry clean. And air drying is preferred to tumble drying.